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The Agnipath Scheme - UGC, New Delhi

Agneepath Scheme in Indian Armed Forces is a scheme wherein selected candidates will be enrolled as Agniveers for four years period. On completion of the four-year period. Agneepath Scheme is a step that is initiated for the recruitment of 46,000+ soldiers to the Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force. The entry through Agneepath Scheme would be done for a period of 4 years initially. During these 4 years, the recruits would be trained by the armed forces in the skills required. The Agnipath recruitment scheme is a transformative initiative that will provide a youthful profile to the armed forces. Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said women will also be inducted into the armed forces under the new scheme. Officials, however, added that the recruitment of women under the scheme will depend on the needs of the respective services.

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