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Dr.Chiranjeevi Aggala working as Training and placement officer and Industry Relations officer in Ramachandra college of Engineering. As of TPO, his strengths are

1. Identifying training needs successfully.
2. Design effective and engaging training programs.
3. Evaluate the outcome of training program goal setting for better results.
4. Understanding students' personality to find the perfect job.

Training & Placements plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is a dream of every engineering student to get placed in a top organization visiting their campus for recruitment. Keeping this key aspect into consideration, it is realized that training is important for students to enhance their employability skills and achieve good placement in various industries.

Ramachandra College has a state of the art Soft Skills Training Dept, which teaches candidates about the vital soft skills that are necessary for them if they plan for long innings in the corporate world.

RCEE also provides numerous project trainings and project platforms for the students who aim big about their future. RCEE has collaboration with various companies in the industry for students' training, joint research and other activities.

Dr.Chiranjeevi. A

TPO, Industry Relations

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About T&P Cell


Equipping the students with relevant and conceptualized professional skills and guiding them towards a bright future and career all around the world with the values of – Sincerity, Hard Work and Justice.


To achieve 100% placement for students through dedication, attitude and complete involvement is our mission. Training and Placement Cell arranges and coordinates various programmes that aim at moulding the students so as to meet the industry expectations in career building and in turn bring laurels to the parent institution. The Training and Placement Cell, guided by a set of rules and principles, strives to maintain good relationship with industries. Preparing the recruitment schedule for the year, inviting corporations for pre-placement talks on the campus followed by final placements, and overseeing the process to its end,is the responsibility of the Training and Placement Cell. The Cell endeavors to carry out successfully all the processes methodically throughout the year.

  • To enhance the employability skills among the students to meet out the corporate expectations.
  • To improve the industry – institute relationships
  • To place all the students in the prospective IT, Management Companies and Media Channels.
  • To enhance the student’s interest towards the entrepreneurship and business strategies.
  • To incorporate quality training in multiple domains to students.
  • Plan & implement major workshops & industry interface sessions to benefit students & faculty.
  • To make students industry ready by training them on soft skills & technical skills.
  • Build the brand value of Ramachandra College of Engineering among corporate houses.
  • Make Ramachandra College of Engineering a destination for corporate bodies to recruit their work force.
  • Looking for the industries those support the college in terms of providing technical support, lab establishments, and internships for PG & UG students; and enter MoU with them.
  • Motivating students aspire for higher studies and guide them to take up competitive exams such as GATE, CAT, GRE and so on.
  • Conducting seminars on various opportunities available for higher education or research field in India and abroad.
  • Gathering constant feedback from the companies about alumni working with them and analyzing it for bettering the present training methods or curriculum.
  • Moulding the personality of the students holistically by imparting training on personality development.


  • CIVIL   12
  • MECH 19
  •   EEE     47
  • ECE   37
  • CSE   84
  • AI&DS   17
  • CS   19
  • IoT   7
  • MBA 12

Total - 254 Offers

  • CIVIL   28
  • MECH 65
  •   EEE     55
  • ECE   143
  • CSE   159
  • MBA 74

Total - 524 Offers

  • CIVIL   42
  • MECH 78
  •   EEE     83
  • ECE   147
  • CSE   89
  • MBA 75

Total - 517 Offers

  • CIVIL   30
  • MECH 72
  •   EEE     49
  • ECE   131
  • CSE   131
  • MBA 3

Total - 416 Offers

  • CIVIL   30
  • MECH 55
  •   EEE     53
  • ECE   73
  • CSE   59
  • MBA 44

Total - 315 Offers

  • CIVIL   17
  • MECH 76
  •   EEE     38
  • ECE   69
  • CSE   89
  • MBA 12

Total - 301 Offers

  • CIVIL   22
  • MECH 63
  •   EEE     58
  • ECE   70
  • CSE   71
  • MBA 5

Total - 289 Offers

  • CIVIL   --
  • MECH 65
  •   EEE     63
  • ECE   60
  • CSE   59
  • MBA 11

Total - 258 Offers

  • CIVIL   --
  • MECH 61
  •   EEE     58
  • ECE   72
  • CSE   71
  • MBA 09

Total - 271 Offers

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Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time.

01.Technical Skills Training

The college engages specialized trainers for conducting this training. The effectiveness of the training is evident from the consistent and remarkable placement record.

02.Personality Development

At RCE we believe Certain personality attributes and soft skills are essential not only to get a good job placement but also to be able to contribute and grow in an organization.

03.Career-Oriented support

The Training & Placement Cell at Ramachandra College of Engineering provides personal and career-oriented support to its students.

Training Programs & Activites

Our main motive is to enable the students to effectively cope-up with academics at college and also for successful careers after graduating. Apart from the training provided during the regular course curriculum, the college also provides an extensive training program of about 100 hours during the vacation period after the pre-final year exams to prepare the students for the recruitment process in their final year. The college engages specialized trainers for conducting this training. The effectiveness of the training is evident from the consistent and remarkable placement record.

Training Technologies image
  • Personality Development
  • Communications skills
  • Aptitude & Reasoning
  • Verbal ability
  • Civil Service Exams Training
  • RCE English Club
  • C Programming
  • Android
  • Python
  • JAVA
  • MAT Lab
  • CAD

Student Say About Us

Student Image 1
N.PRABHAS Accenture

“I am thrilled to share that as an alumnus of Ramachandra College of Engineering, I secured a position at Accenture with a top package. The rigorous curriculum, hands-on projects, and dedicated faculty were instrumental in my growth. The robust placement cell, with its training sessions and mock interviews, prepared me well. Vibrant campus life and various events helped develop essential soft skills. I'm grateful for the knowledge and opportunities provided by Ramachandra College.“

Student Image 2
R.V.N.S VIDYA Formonic technologies

“I express my sincere gratitude to RCE for their exceptional support and guidance. I have secured a position at Formonic Technologies, and I owe this success to your unwavering support and advice. Thank you RCE for providing the resources and opportunities to make this possible. Your efforts have greatly contributed to my professional journey. I am excited to embark on this new chapter.“

Student Image 3

“I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional support in securing my placement at Tvarna. This opportunity is a significant milestone in my career, fulfilling a long-held dream of mine. The dedication and commitment of the RCE team have been instrumental in this success, providing invaluable guidance and resources throughout the process. I am truly thankful for your belief in my potential and for opening doors to such an incredible future. Your efforts have made a profound impact on my life, and I am eager to begin this exciting new journey.“

Our T&P Team

Our Training & Placements team continuously work towards filling the gap between industry and academia.

Dr.A CHIRANJEEVI TPO, Industry Relations

+91 8247494424

Mrs. P Revathi Devi Campus Recruitment Mgr.

+91 9000735551

Ms. VANDANA SREE T Verbal Ability Trainer

+91 7075865411

Mr. O SHIVA BHAGWAN T & P Coordinator (CSE)

+91 9949356054

Mr.B Venkateswara Rao T & P Coordinator (CSE)

+91 8919335054

Ms. A NL Harisha T & P Coordinator (ECE)

+91 8555953921

Mr. Naveen.y T & P Coordinator (ECE)

+91 7893864925

Mr. V.N.S.R Murthy T & P Coordinator (EEE)

+91 9395349440

Mr. D. Leela Prasad T & P Coordinator (CE, IoT & CS)

+91 8555009743

Mr. CHITTIBABU.G T & P Coordinator (MECH)

+91 8247406289

Mr Syed Arief T & P Coordinator (AI&DS)

+91 8886644480

Mrs Y Divya T & P Coordinator (MBA, BBA, AI&ML)

+91 8008786194

Professional Affliations

Our Organization has signed MOUs with Various Multi-national company’s which helps the students to visit the Industries and get practical experience

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