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“Awareness Program on Digital Wellbeing & Cyber Security"

Objectives of the Event: Digital wellbeing and Internet safety is top priority in today’s world for all ages. Cyber Security is the demand of the day. Most of the people working in Information Technology Industry are not aware of the concepts of making the digital devices (Laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets etc) secured from the cyber attack. Due to Cyber attacks and malfunctioning of the devices, more and more data is being stolen by cyber hackers every year. To spread the awareness on the risks and to educate the students with strategies to follow to make them confident in handling the digital device in more secured way and to create a better relationship with digital technologies. Topics discussed during the session: • Basics of Cyber Ethics & Cyber Security • About Online Etiquettes and Online Behavior • Role and Importance of Security on Mobile and Tab Devices • Importance of Health & Safety

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