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Engineering college libraries are an integral part of teaching and research. Teaching and research depend upon the library, and achievements in teaching and research are not possible without the library. Expenses for library resources are considerable, and users should therefore be familiar with library materials and their applications. A library is a critical of any higher education. To fulfil these essential goals, the Engineering college library must necessarily have the benefit of adequate information sources of the heritage of mankind’s accumulated knowledge and wisdom. These information sources must be adequate in size and quality.
The library has a rich collection of volumes of text books, reference books, national and international journals in all branches of Engineering, Science, Technology, Management and General Studies, and the collection is ever increasing. The books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (as per the AICTE). Open access system is followed in the engineering college libraries. Academic Engineering College libraries are hub of knowledge for students, research scholars and faculty. The main aim of the libraries is to serve the required information to the library users within a short span of time.

Digital Library

The central library maintains the separate good Digital Library, with 20 systems with connection of internet facility with 20 seating capacity. Digital library Number of E- resources available through IP based. The central library is also a member of DELNE (Developing Library Network and, NPTEL (Videos with 932 and 25 departments) KNIMBUS (open source) NDL i.e., E-Books, E-Journals, Videos, thesis, conference proceedings etc,. The central Library is equipped with EZLIBTRARY software and Barcode facility.
The Library aims to be the best among all the engineering college libraries of Andhra Pradesh. Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and to adopt user friendly approach towards its users by offering comprehensive services in regard to the dissemination of Knowledge.

Library Features

Total Area 612 Sq.mtrs
Reading Area 457 Sq.mtrs
Digital Library Area 30 Sq.mtrs
E- Library Space 30 Sq.mtrs
Seating Capacity 250
Digital Library Systems 20

Library Collection

Number Of Volumes 20084
Toatal Number Of Titles 2800
Total No. of Book Bank Books Titles 2074
Book Bank Books Titles 300
Total No. of CDs/DVD Collections 1475
NPTEL courses 932

Rules and Regulations

  • Four Books will be issued on library cards for a period of 15 days.
  • The books have to be returned in their original condition; otherwise the cost of the book will be charged.
  • For the books not returned in time a fine of Rs 1/- per day will be charged
  • Any mishandling of materials in newspapers, magazines and books will not entertain
  • Reference books will not be issued in any circumstances
  • Any sort of misbehavior or misconduct inside the library will be treated as seriously.
  • Identity card has to worn by the students

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