Sri K. Venu Gopal


“Today our institution RAMACHANDRA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING is at the pinnacle in terms of its attitude and commitment to foster quality education, with enormous growth potential we offer students a higher education experience that is meticulous, competent, personalized and rich in cultural diversity”. I believe in the saying that education is not received, but achieved. Education not only mean to teach and carry out research but also to inculcate values in students that make them sincere, honest, law-abiding and responsible citizens, for the future of the country which rests in their hands. At present we are in an era of rapid developments in science and technology, taking an active participation in the evolution of processes, systems, society and humanity, we accredit our young technocrats to bag emerging opportunities offered by the phenomenon of globalization. Our young men and women are intelligent, talented and have the potential to become the most successful people in the society. My dream is to make our institution a leader in shaping the students, to acquire national prominence by providing first-rate education to the students for their productive careers in industry, academia, and government.

Our faculty is our strength. They are most innovative and accomplished experts in their profession. Comprehensive annual academic plans, innovative teaching learning process, strong practical input, organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, personality development programmes, language skills, management activities, industry interaction and research orientation programmes at regular intervals makes us rate the best. The principle centered approach of our institution is to promote in students a sense of responsibility for their own with particular and dedicated emphasis on the rural students, To nourish the ability to think clearly and express themselves effectively, the habit of analytical and reflective thought, and an awareness of themselves, their heritage, other cultures, and their environment. Our mission is to provide quality candidates to renowned organizations and to ensure 100% placements to the students by making them industry ready right from the first year. Our vision is to attain NBA accreditation by the end of 2014 and to attain autonomous status by the end of 2018. I invite the young talented endowed with energetic, enthusiastic and inquisitive minds with high degree professional aspirations to come forward and join with us to become valuable members of RCE family and RCE knowledge pool.

Chairman's message

It’s my pleasure to invite you to this campus, which is abundantly endowed by nature and sufficiently enriched with our abiding commitment to quality and values. I am sure it will be a pleasant and enlightening experience for you to explore the treasures for yourself.

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